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Work Permits

Canada is a rapidly growing economy. Consequently, to keep-up with the demand for qualified workers the government of Canada offers many programs to attract skilled workers from all over the world.

These programs are a major Win-Win for foreign workers and Canada alike. Whereas, Canada gets to fuel its economy with skilled worker(s), and the foreign workers manage to acquire international, high-quality work experience and improve chances of becoming permanent resident and citizens of Canada.


Study Permits

Canada is home to vast number of world-class education institutions where one can study from elementary level to Ph.D. Substantially number of students come to Canada to study from all over the world.


Highlight of studying in Canada is that, the transition from Study to Work to Permanent Residency is rather easy and most students take advantage of this transition.


Visit / Supervisa

Every year millions of people come to Canada on visitors' visa for tourism, family get-togethers, medical emergencies, business trips etc.


Supervisa is a special category of visit visa, meant only for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents.


Temporary Resident Permit

In exceptional situations, people who are inadmissible to Canada due to past criminal record, misrepresentation etc. are granted Temporary Resident Permit. This allows them to enter and stay in Canada subject to conditions.


It is possible to get this permit valid for up to 3-year for single/multiple entries. And in case the permit is valid for longer than 6-months the holder can even apply for work permit. The TRP holders can become the Permanent Resident of Canada 


Criminal Rehabilitation

This application is meant for the people who has criminal history but who has been living a stable lifestyle. 


After a prescribed amount of time they can apply for Criminal Rehabilitation and if approved will become admissible to Canada.

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