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This is the fastest thus most popular process to get Canadian Permanent Residency under Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Class Programs.

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There are numerous Federal & Provincial government programs available to people with qualifying experience & funds to acquire Canadian Permanent Residency.


A Canadian citizen or PR can sponsor his/her Spouse, Parents, Grandparents, Dependent Children, Adopted Persons and Other relative under this class.

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Canadian provincial governments offer vast number of PR programs. Ones a candidate is nominated by a province his/her chances of getting PR are almost absolute.


4 Atlantic provinces of Canada run this unique, fast and easy program offering Canadian PR to eligible candidates.


2 pilot programs are helping Childcare Providers and Home Support Workers realize their dream of getting Canadian PR.


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H & C

Exceptionally remarkable program offering Permanent Residency to people who otherwise are unqualified for one.

Other pathways

Occasionally the government of Canada launches different programs/pathways to facilitate granting of PR.

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